David Neil is known for his work over the years at the ABC, Willow Tree Recording,
The Refinery, and Jumpstart Productions. David graduated top of the class in his
audio engineering training in New York, USA. David is a highly sought after
mastering engineer with over 9 years experience and 3200 CD projects under his belt.

David's contribution to the international music industry is consistent and of the highest
quality. Which includes....

Saffire, Katie Noonan, Tyrone Noonan, Glasshouse, Powderfinger, Resin Dogs, Shinki Row, George, Karen Schaupp, Vanetta Fields, Mishelle Bradford-Jones, Adrian Ross, Pretty Violet Stain, Airkraft, Paul Dean, Brett Dean, Sean O'Boyle, QLD Philharmonic, QLD Symphony Orchestra, Winds of the Southern Cross, The Ten Tenors, Tony O'Connor, TAXI, Shutter Speed, Adam Lester, Paul Peterson JNR (Paisley Park), Steve Lot, Paul Cheeseman, Tulipan, Oliver Jones.